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What is hypertension?

Hypertension also is known as high blood pressure [HBP]. It is a strong term in the medical field.  It is the medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is tenaciously high.

There is no particular cause of hypertension but there are lifestyles that can lead to someone having it and also going toward the direction of the risk in a void. It is the major factor connecting to heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss. Hypertension can be in two categories.

The Primary And Secondary Hypertension

Primary Hypertension: Primary hypertension is also known as essential hypertension. It is the problem which is consecrated with the high blood pressure that the causes are not identifiable. This affects more than secondary hypertension,  The secondary hypertension is easily known.

Secondary hypertension: Secondary hypertension is mostly the disorder in human bodies such as liver diseases diabetes, kidney, and most likely stroke. In secondary hypertension, the patient is to be treated quickly before it increases to the level of high blood pressure. Secondary hypertension develops from high blood pressure and then graduate to hypertension.

The Causes Of Primary Hypertension

1. Obesity: People who developed or have high blood pressure are most likely to be obese or overweight. Being obese or overweight puts a high level of breathing the heart and it causes restlessness to that individual.

2. Family Gene: Family genetics is the strong cause of hypertension. Particularly, primary hypertension. Study shows that 50-55 percent specific genes is accountable to high blood pressure.

3. High Salt Consumption: The consumption of salt is high in adults and humans generally because of the consumption of sodium. The average adult consumes about 5500mg of sodium.

4. Age: Age can also lead to primary hypertension or blood pressure. And if you notice, high blood pressure tends to be more in adults from 50 upward than below age.

The Causes Of Secondary Hypertension

It is the disorder or result from other diseases or sicknesses.

1. Diabetes Complication

2. Renovascular hypertension: This hypertension stays in humans by narrowing the stenosis of both arteries which leads to kidney disease that blocks the main artery.

3. Drugs such as non-steroid- anti-inflammatory drug like Celebrex, Naprosyn, etc.

4. Weight Lose Medicine.

5. Birth control medicine or pills, thyroid and stroke.

Hypertension is not just something that comes at once, a lot of people have it but they are not aware and that increases the risk. Hypertension is described by a consistently high blood pressure which pushes through the blood vessel. The problem exists in both old and young with overweight, You see hypertension has affected nearly everyone, the reason people are not aware of it is that hypertension tends to develop gradually over a very long time.

Hypertension is also known as ”SILENT KILLER” because it often has no warning signs or symptoms till it’s in a critical condition. Since hypertension in some individuals is difficult to diagnose, the only way you can find out you have is to go for a regular checkup, which your doctor will take two blood pressure readings before he or she can find out or diagnose if you have it or not.

In the present society, hypertension is one of the diseases that makes everyone concern. Normal blood pressure is about 120/80mmHg, but that of high blood pressure is more than 130/80mmHg. Millions of people today, particularly in American are fighting for their lives because of hypertension. Over 410,000 people died in America in 2014 because of hypertension.

Hypertension is the measure of two blood pressure

The systolic: systolic hypertension is the push of blood that flows through an artery which makes the heart beat fast.

Diabolic hypertension: Diastolic hypertension is the push of blood that flows within the blood vessel when the heart is at rest.

Causes Of Hypertension

1. Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption can cause damage to the heart. Drinking alcohol all the time can put you in the risk of having hypertension.

2. To mush of salt consumption [sodium].

3. Lack of activities like exercise; aerobic exercise and yoga can increase obesity and which will affect your heart.

4. Lack of sleep and stress: The brain sends a signal to different hormones in the body that increases hypertension. when you have enough rest and sleep, you tend to reduce the risk of hypertension and other diseases.

5. Smoking: This is one of the major causes of hypertension and many other diseases including hypertension. Smoking can cause damages to the arteries of the brain, the heart, and the kidney.

4. Obesity And Over Weight: Obese people eat meal or food with a high level of salt; sodium which increases the blood pressure. they eat a lot of fat that accumulates and later compresses the heart.

7. Old age can also cause hypertension.

Treatment Of Hypertension

1. Quit smoking.

2. Eating a healthy diet and reducing the amount of salt you consume can help to avoid and treat hypertension.

3. Invoid in activities like exercise especially aerobic exercise like swimming.

4. Alcohol Limitation: Limit the intake of alcohol if you intend to treat hypertension.

5. Take drug or medicine relevant to hypertension treatment. Ask your doctor!!!. You might have seen a lot of products, but I recommend this and  you can try it. “seek your doctor advice”

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6. Go for a regular checkup. For your doctor to check the level of your blood pressure.

7. Stress management: Study shows that stress can contribute to high blood pressure because the heart will be restless.

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