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Moringa leaf is one of the natural leaves we use now for different purposes. This leaf is loaded with a lot of nutrients and its one of the nature most nutritious plant. In most cases, moringa is called ”Drumstick”.

Moringa is highly nutritious in vitamin. Calcium, potassium and many others. The low molecular, weight of moringa protein, extracted from its seed is useful for water purification and for reduction of sugar level in the body.

Almost every part of moringa trees are useful and good for herbal purposes.{The seed, the flower, the outer part, and the root}. Recently, the leave is being processed into powder which a lot of people have given testimony about. Moringa is a tress that grows in many parts of different countries, {Africa, America, India, Mexico} and other places. No Human has been reported with any effect or complication in the world time of moringa existence maybe because its a natural plant and almost 1000 experiment has been carried out, to bring the best out of the tress. Moringa leaves contain approximately

1. Calcium 170% of the value

2. Iron 133%

3. Protein 27 gram

4. Sugar 3 gram

5. Zinc 28% and lot of others


Moringa is a mineral, antioxidant and essential amino acid. I found out that moringa can help with digestion and makes you feel lighter than you were after consuming it for the purpose of weight loss. Till date, no human studies have found the side effects of moringa on weight loss. Because there might not be any . Moringa reduces the fat formation and enhances the fat breakdown and some weak part of the body, most of the obsess  people who took a supplement containing moringa leaf loss 10% of their weight. Although moringa has not been used in the media for the knowledge best known to them, I think people need to know its importance of the plant.


1. It protects every part of the body against disease.

2. It lowers cholesterol: This is a type of fat-like substance that’s found in all the cells of your body. Although it needed in the body but it shouldn’t be over loaded.

3. It reduces weight.

4. It lowers blood pressure and diabetes.

5. It reduces inflammation.

6. It lowers the blood sugar level.

7. It increases your metabolism and uses fat for energy.

8. It makes your skin look better and smoother than normal.

9. It helps with fatigue reduction.


1. Make sure the moringa you want to consume is from the natural tree: Avoid the processed products that include its roots, its seeds, and stems. Most of the time I advise people to get the natural leave themselves, then prepare it to their test

2. Even if you want to consume the processed, base of the fact that you cannot get from the leaf, be sure it is not over-processed: make sure that the Moringa Powder or other products types are not processed in a way that destroys some part of your body.

.3. Consume 2-3 teaspoon of Moringa per day if you are using the powder and 2 cups per day when using the liquid: consuming moringa every morning is important and it helps to balance blood sugar all day long.

4. Have moringa in every of your meal every day: Make it your habit of applying moringa to every of your meal{morning, afternoon and evening}, depends on how you consume your food. The consumption of moringa is a great deal to help your although the noon.

The great deal about Moringa is that you can apply it to every meal, not like other weight loss supplement that you have to set up a time to consume it before or after eating.


Lemon is a popular fruit which people use with other herbs and spices, They give flavor to many sauces,

MY STORY: Lemon is one of my favorite fruits, which I used to prepare all my food { my soup, meat, stew, sauce, and I take it along side with my moringa liquid. Lemon is effective in treating the disease.


1. Lemons are high in vitamin C and mineral which helps to fight against  diseases

2. Lemon juice can be used in desserts, salads.and in a cup of tea.

3. Lemon can be used for meat and for medicinal purpose.


Fruits and vegetables appear to reduce the risk of many health conditions. Lemons are a perfect source of vitamin C. Therefore, they come with a lot of benefits which helps you with easy lifestyle concerning their health

1. Lemon reduces the risk of stroke: studies show that about 70,000 women over 18 years who eat most citrus fruits have about 18-19 percent lower risk of stroke than women who don’t. Citrus fruits are good sources of flavonoids which help fight against dangerous diseases.

2. Lemon maintain healthy blood pressure: Blood pressure is the force that allows the flow of blood through the arteries{Any one of the tubes that carry blood from the whole part of the body}as your heart beats. As the heart condense and pushes the blood through the arteries, the blood pressure comes or drop down. So lemon helps you to release the heart and make blood flow to every part of your body.

3. It helps to prevent cancer: Lemon helps to protect the body against cancer. Lemon juice is an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C.

Antioxidants help {fight against} with the formation of radicals that are known to cause cancer, although the main role of antioxidants in cancer prevention remains unseen.

4. Lemon helps to maintain healthy complexion: Vitamin C, support the skin. since the vitamin is from a lemon. Vitamin C can help fight skin damage caused by the environment you find yourself, improve overall skin texture, and reduces wrinkles. It also prevents you from asthma.

5. Lemon helps to boost your immune system: Lemon help the immune system to fight against the germs that cause by the seasonal atmosphere or during the period of health condition. Lemon also helps boost immunity in people who are undergoing physical activities.

6. It prevents weight gain. When lemon is used with other weight loss product, it helps to make the process faster than normal Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning to ease constipation.

There is a lot of benefit of lemon which can help you live a healthy lifestyle. You can get it anywhere and make use of them.

Lemon can be used with moringa leaves to lose weight because of the combination of vitamin that burns fat and eases metabolism.

7. Lemon helps neutralize toxin in the body. You know it is high in vitamins and minerals right?. Lemon fight again disease in our body. It also provides the body with the necessary nutrients it needs

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1.1 cup Water.

2. A hand full of Moringa leave.

3. 2 Lemon fruit depends on how big it is.

Methods of preparation

1. Take a hand full of moringa leaves in a bowl of water and wash carefully with salt {do, not squeeze}.

2. Place moringa leave  in your pot and boil for 15 minutes.

3. Fitter the juice out.

4. Take your lemon, wash with salt cause liquid are very sensitive to dirt, squeeze the lemon juice. and mix with a teaspoon. you are ready to drink your moringa juice.

Make sure to take it morning and night.

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