Apr 292019

Most of the time,  the difficult aspect of keeping fit is sticking to the process. To keep your body fit, you need to be involved in activities like exercise, workout and having some rest.

Do you prefer going to the gym or doing other activities?  Whichever you like, there is a solution. Just try to get access to them. You can choose whatever activities you want to help keep your body in good shape.

OK, guys. This is not the normal article that you read but this is about the seminar I attended today and base on the rule of the house, I am going to be sharing with you most of the stuff I learned

Today was about Fitness as a Mindset

Trainer: Derrick Easterling:

Derrick is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter {retired}

Olympic Weightlifting

Mindset Coach

Personal Trainer

You can follow Derrick Easterling on  Instagram   

One of the things I collected today was that, if you want to lose weight, it must come from your mind. You must make up your mind to learn how to develop the habit, skill, and focus to make fitness a part of your functional lifestyle. He said something about our body being the temple of God. It is necessary we take care of the body that was given to us and care for the sake of our health.


1. Deal with your mindset and never make things complicated for you: do not stress yourself over weight loss, take it to step by step; the reason people get tired of losing weight easily is that they try to force on themselves and would want the miracle to happen overnight.

2. A daily activity like cleaning, cooking, workout, and other activities can help.

3. Go out, childlike fun and take back your first love {your body} which you were created with. Meet a friend and feel happy always

4. This was one of my favorite. Enjoy the ride. No overnight miracles. if you go through some of my articles, I always tell people that weight loss or body fitness is a commitment, and it can only be achieved by determination and a long term activity.

5. Get up from your lazy bed. “haha”. I laughed when I heard this particular statement. Its time to get up from your lazy sleep in the morning and go out to make yourself feel better.

6. Go to the gym and build a team, people that are going to motivate you and push you to do more {make new friends when you get to the gym at the first time}.

Doing nothing because of fear of failure and make your self look worse rather than taking action. What I meant by this is that giving up will make you gain weight in the period you quit trying.

7. Do exercise and do not only depend on weight loss pills, because each individual has their body type and metabolism. You can take water and do exercises to sweat, some can reduce their food intake while others can do exercise for weight loss.

8. Stress management and relaxation: Managing your stress will make you feel less tension. Always relax. Allow your attention go to every part of your body and let yourself feel the experience of what it takes to be happy.

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