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How To Eat Healthy Diet-Healthy Diet Plan

The Facts About Healthy Diet

The sentence” Always eat a balance has often been repeated that its magnitude may be overlooked. However, the value of this sentence is important that it deserves much attention.

We know balance diet contains six classes of nutrient or food which we all know right from our high school. But come to think of it, how many of us take balance diet into consideration.

What do you think is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is a process of engaging, absorbing and consuming from the different classes of food in the right quantities. The food you eat determines the level of your health. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrients.

Taking a healthy diet gives your body the nutrient it needs every day of your life while staying within your daily activities. Have you been a situation where you asked yourself while can’t I just eat just what I see? must I eat a balanced diet? what is important of a healthy diet? Off course, I won’t leave your question unanswered, just take a walk down. I know you will like to hear it.

Different Classes Of Food/ Nutrient

Carbohydrate: Carbohydrate is the bio-molecule, which contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms usually with the ratio of about 2:1 {formula} Cₘ(H₂O)ₙ.

It is a group of sugar, starch, and cellulose located in the body. There are different types carbohydrates; disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polysaccharides. Carbohydrate is a nice nutrient for the body but it should be the right quality or quantities.

Examples of carbohydrate

1. Bread





6. Sugary drinks.

7. Cassava, sugar, starches, fiber.

Protein: Protein is the nitrogen and organic compound which consists of large molecules, mostly as a structural component. Protein can be in all areas of the body, like the bones, the skin, the muscle and even in human hair. It made up of about twenty basic blocks called amino-acid.

Examples of proteins.


2. Poultry {chicken}

3. Beans, rice, chickpeas.


5. Meat {beef} pork, hot dog,{Processed}.


7. Egg

8. Wheat, corn

Water: We all know water is the basic fluids in living organs {Animal organ; upper and lower animal}. It is also the transparent chemical substance {H2O}, which means each of the molecules consists of oxygen and two hydrogens. Water helps in the digestion of food.

Vitamins: This is the molecules that are essential in all organs of the body. The body needs little quantity of vitamins for proper functioning. Vitamin has diverse biochemical functions. Some functions which it carries out differ by their differences.

Types of vitamins are;

vitamins A, vitamins B1-B12, vitamins C, vitamins D, vitamins E, vitamins K and B complex

Examples of vitamins foods

1. Turkey liver, beef liver

2.sweet potatoes

.3. Cod liver oil

4. Butternut squash



7. Kiwi fruit{high}

8. Broccoli {love it}



Mineral: This is a Solid inorganic substance that is naturally in pure form. Every human uses products made from minerals. There are different ways you can see mineral which are,

It is naturally occurring

It is a definite chemical composition

it is solid and inorganic

Examples of mineral


2. Soda ash

3. Copper

4. Salt, lead, lime, etc

Foods high in mineral

1. Beans

2. Nut

3. Salome

4. Lentils

5. Seeds {food}

6. Shellfish

Importance Of Healthy Diet.

Eating a healthy diet helps you with the following.

1. Prevention from disease: Lack of nutrient in the body causes and contribute to health risk. Examples; lack of calcium{milk} contributes to the weakening of muscle and bones and when the born is weaken, you will lack the ability to do your daily activities.

Lack of a balanced diet can cause diseases like stroke, heart failure, hypertension, and obesity.

2. Weight control:  The quantity and the quality of food you consume determine your health status particularly when you are on your to weight loss. your diet should be  moderate. Consuming more than the calories you burn can lead to heavyweight.

3. It helps to build up the immune system in the body and fight against diseases.

4. Stress reduction; beautiful sleep, beautiful lifestyle and less tension.

5. Eating a healthy diet can help with your metabolism.

Different people with different metabolism and body type. It is important you know yours and plans out your healthy diet in a way it will be good for your body order to live the best life.

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