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Belly fat is the excessive abdominal fat in the organ {stomach}. There are different types of fat in the body which includes ;

1.subcutaneous fat; The layer directly below the skin surface.

2. Visceral fat; The most dangerous belly fat that accumulates in the body.

3. Triglycerides fat; The fat that circulates round human blood. This is, made up of about 90-95 fat in the body.

The worst part is that belly fat can have a bad impact on almost every part of your body through the creation of excess chemicals. You need to understand and know that belly fat is different from other fat that distributes to other parts of the body. The problem arises when the fat in your body becomes larger than the normal fat.

Do you know that everyone has belly fat, even people with a flat belly? Does it sound surprises to you? yeah but the problem is when it becomes to control.

TV stations, magazine and advertisement house poop -up advert promising people the way to get rid of belly fat, even most women feel a lot of pressure and stress in the processing of taking out belly fat but fall under the case of making things worse for them.

Getting rid of belly fat is nice and important to humanity most especially when it’s causing harm to the individual. It should be rid off even if is not out totally.

Excess fat, particularly Visceral fat is a predictor of heart disease, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure and it also the cause of liver issues. and this makes it a tougher toxic substance in the body. Having talked about the facts concerning belly fat, I am sure there is still a lot of people finding it difficult to lose belly fat which seem very hard for them But, do not worry because the solution is right here.


  1. Alcohol: The calories in alcohol is excessive. People who always drink alcoholic beverages seem to gain belly fat than people who don’t. What ones eat and drink has every tendency to make him or her develop fat, particularly belly fat. Do you see? you might be wondering why most people have belly fat. Although, not only alcohol causes belly fat. This will lead us to.

2. Stress: Stress can make you gain belly fat. This happens when the hormone cortical crosses the normal stage when the individual is stressed. Though a lot of people say the size of the belly or body has nothing to do with an individuals personality, but the reason why it should be given consideration is because of health sake.

3. Sugar and Beverages: High sugary foods like candles, soda drinks cause belly fat, consuming sugary food and drinks regularly can cause damages in the body. Observation shows that a high intake of sugar increases the rate of different diseases.

4. Hereditary: This can be base on genetic makeup. It may simply be inherited in families with belly fat. So sometimes why fighting to reduce belly fat, you might be fighting nature, seriously.

5. Poor Diet: Poor food that should be abstained from in order to lose belly fat includes;

i, Biscuits {sweet}.

ii, Cakes and chocolate.

iii. Doughnut and energy drinks.

iv. Ice-cream and chocolate.

v. Fried food like beef, chicken and so on. mind your food is nice but cutting down your fatty food can be nice as well.


1. Limit Fast Food: No doubt that some restaurant food can cause belly fat. The amount of saturated fat in fast food is precisely what you do not need if you are burning belly fat.

2. Exercise Works: Sure nutritional food is the most important factor, or it’s one of the important factors for reducing belly fat, also fat in the belly need interval training which can improve the muscles and build the body. Exercise can fight unnecessary fat.

3. Reduce Alcohol Intake: To lose belly fat, what you drink is an important consideration to take. Cutting down your alcohol will help reduce belly fat. Alcohol contains a very high amount of calories which do not have nutritional value.

4. Relaxation: Rest is one of the most important aspects of one’s health, mostly when the individual is managing weight or trying to lose belly fat. Getting an adequate amount of rest is a factor that can help reduce stress and belly fat.

5. Diet: To eat less of or to eat only some particular kind of food in order to lose weight; A diet high in sugar and fat can contribute to belly fat. If you want to lose belly fat, reduce carbohydrate and fatty food.

6. Yoga practices: We all know yoga is an activity of using breathing techniques and exercise for fullness and strong belly fat reduction. Yoga is a good method for getting rid of belly fat. It is easily accessible, you can find one in your community.

7 Eating well I.e control certain carbohydrate intake to maintain a belly fat is a good step, so get up, get your pen and paper and write down all your activities for effective belly fat reduction.

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