Mar 282019

Facts About The hypertension

What is hypertension? Hypertension also is known as high blood pressure [HBP]. It is a strong term in the medical field.  It is the medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is…Continue Reading

Mar 252019

Fastest Way to Lose a Belly Fat

Belly fat is the excessive abdominal fat in the organ {stomach}. There are different types of fat in the body which includes ; 1.subcutaneous fat; The layer directly below the skin surface. 2. Visceral fat;…Continue Reading

Mar 102019

Nurses and medication error

Introduction  Medication administration error is old as the nursing profession itself and has to do with a myriad of factors including those attributable to other members of the health care team. Although there may be…Continue Reading

Feb 232019


Fat belongs to a group of an organic compound called LIPIDS. The word lipids are derived from the Greek word ”Lipos”. some of these words are found in several fat-related health terms such as blood…Continue Reading

Feb 142019


THE GOOD EARTH The novel The Good Earth reference to some importance of land which is associated with moral piety, good sense, respect for nature and strong ethic work. While the estrangement from the land…Continue Reading

Feb 102019

Information on HIV virus

Why was everyone trying to keep their image clean? Why doctors were trying to gain fame for the find. Why the media didn’t want to spread the Why the government was not informing the public…Continue Reading

Feb 072019

Medical Articles Obesity

INTRODUCTION; Study shows that the frequency of fast food restaurants correspond with the rate of obesity in both children and adults Obesity is now high in countries where fast food restaurants are expanding. The word…Continue Reading

Feb 042019

About Health and Fitness club

Is oke. welcome to the health and fitness club which was founded in February 2019. I have been looking for an opportunity to show my skills and help people out in health and fitness issues.…Continue Reading